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Founded by Vivian Goldbloom in 2013, Emerald City Pet Rescue exists to rescue abused, neglected and homeless animals. We pull predominantly from high-kill shelters around the country and place them into loving forever homes. Sometimes these animals come from abroad and sometimes from right around the corner. Emerald City Pet Rescue is run by dedicated staff and volunteers who give their time and resources to house, train, rehabilitate, transport and care for these animals.

Emerald City Pet Rescue is committed to the following goals: rescuing stray animals from high kill animal shelters who are scheduled to be euthanized. Emerald City Pet Rescue saves the animals who have been in the shelters the longest and will die unless rescued, either due to much needed medical treatment or overpopulation. We operate a no-kill facility where rescued pets can be safely sheltered without the threat of euthanization until we find the right adoptive family for each pet.

We pride ourselves on providing the best medical care possible for our rescued animals and rehabilitating hard-to-adopt animals to help them increase their chances to find loving homes. All of our rescues are spayed or neutered, and we strongly endorse the importance of spaying and neutering pets in order to drastically reduce the number of unwanted animals on the street. Our rescues are also given inoculations, microchips, and anything else they need to get back to being healthy and happy. The microchips ensure the best possible chance to locate a pet in the event that they are ever lost, and registration of their microchip is a requirement in our contract.

Emerald City Pet Rescue takes particular care in placing our animals - pure and mixed breed alike. Our screening process includes meet and greets, reference checks, and a visit to the potential owner’s home to ensure the home and family are compatible with the pet’s needs and our requirements.

We firmly believe that compatibility in personality, activity level, and skill set are crucial and necessary aspects of the adoption process. These steps help us ensure that we are giving each pet and potential adopter the best chance at a harmonious, loving, and fulfilling forever home. We allow for multiple inquiries for a particular pet in order to ensure we place them in the perfect home. We carefully consider each potential adopter in the order in which they have contacted us, but there are occasions where we will recommend an alternate match for a potential adopter based on the criteria mentioned above.

We require potential adopters to sign a detailed contract outlining our animal care requirements. The contract is to ensure that our animals will always be protected and properly cared for. Emerald City Pet Rescue has a lifetime policy of always taking our animals back, no matter what the circumstance.

All of our staff and volunteers here at Emerald City Pet Rescue are committed and dedicated to raising funds, fostering and caring for our animals, and participating in adoption events. We do everything we can to ensure that loving homes are found for these amazing pets. Above all else, our core value: Love can save lives.

We ask potential adopters to sign a detailed six page contract obliging them to give the animal a loving home. Emerald City Pet Rescue has a lifetime policy of always taking our animals back, no matter what the circumstance.
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2962 First Avenue South,  Suite B.   Seattle, WA. 98134

Open 7 days a week  |  10AM - 7PM Monday - Friday

10AM - 6PM Saturday |  12PM - 5PM Sunday

all donations and proceeds are welcome and benefit the animals directly.

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